Nowadays people work and collaborate more often using the Internet. Distance is not a barrier anymore for groups of people to interact and solve problems successfully. Especially this is the case for teams of designers because collaboration plays one of the key roles in design process. The main goal of this tool is to improve the effectiveness of online collaboration and information sharing within design teams.

Connect your Dropbox

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Are you tired from folders and hundreds distributed files? Connect your Dropbox folders with Cloobok and track all the changes in one interface.

See your files from new perspective

We created completely new way of working with your files. As a basis for our service we took infographics and user-oriented representation of information.

Level of annotation

We deliver not only files but also the layer over it. Annotations, your colleagues feedback and information are together right now. It saves time and increases level of collaboration.

I want to try!

It is free and we will be glad if you use it!
We continue improving it.